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On this day, when my love came in to this world, I wish to tell you, what you mean to me. If I am a tree, you are the sun to me and If I am an ocean, you are the water to me. But since I am just a human, you are God to me. I love you, my sweetheart. I wish you a sweet, warm and romantic Birthday.

With every birthday you seem to grow more beautiful, I just refuse to wear my glasses! Just kidding, Happy Birthday.

Get the perfect dress, dress up like a princess. Those shiny shoes, let your hair loose. Just make the most of this day, just scream and shout 'Its my birthday!'

Happy Birthday to you, so what if you live in a zoo!

Smart, brilliant, beautiful, charismatic, all these qualities God has given me and that is why I gift myself to you on this occasion of your birthday. Just kidding, Happy Birthday.

Wishing you many more candles to come. Happy birthday.

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays; Hope this is your best year yet.

Happy Birthday from me to you
I also love you this true
Wishing you another year
Full of joy,happiness, and without many tears
This is your special day
And I just wanted to say
To someone who is special to me
In every way as you can see
Your life holds an extraordinary fate
Hope I didn 't say it too late
And I know that it is you
Because deep down you know it to
If I had some more time
I would tell you more of whats on my mine
But seems I 'm out
This will be my last shout. special, didn 't, extraordinary, holds, Because, would, shout, seems, whats, every, someone, another, Wishing, Birthday, joyhappiness, without, wanted, tears, Happy

To our devoted
Delightful son
That we admire and adore
We would like to just
Say a few words
To celebrate this special day
Thirteen years have past
Since we have brought you
Home at the age of three
As the years have past
We have watched
You play and grow
From this tiny little boy
Into a great Youngman
Who is coming into his own
Now at the age of sixteen
You have grown a bit wiser
And even more smarter
You have grown taller
Become more handsome
And even became such lady magnet
We hope this special day
Brings you great
Peace and joy
Because you make us proud
For the accomplishments
You have achieved
Over these past few years
That is why we can say
We love you
With all our heart
Happy Birthday Son

Wow 5 years already
its all gone by so dang fast
from the moment we knew about you
till the day you were born
a true miricle of the moment
we have all come a long way
facing responsibility that we did not want to face
you being in this world
made everything better
its amazing spending time with you
i love the weekends
when i take you to the park
we wit there and play on the swings
we just have so much fun
you have changed my life so much
i dont know what i would do
if you were not here
it amazes me that
you are now 5 years old
your the true miricle of all our lives
i love you so much princess

Today is your day,
you 're on your way,
no longer a girl
and almost a young lady.
Today is the start
of a wonderous journey
of learning and growing
and beautiful discovery.
Growing up into the grown world,
never forget who you are
or where you come from,
your past will also be part of your future.
Today you are a teen,
Happy Birthday to You. Today, world, grown, Growing, never, forget, Birthday, Happy, future, where, discovery, beautiful, almost, longer, you 're, young, start, learning, journey, wonderous

Etched on the life milestone as twenty three,
In the sky of opportunities,
Give wings to your dreams and set it free,
Gifted to don respectful roles,
As Daughter, Sister, Wife and Mother,
Balance each act with passionate soul,
Time will tell who you are,
Prepare for you life,
If you aspire to travel far,
Hone your skills, set the right tone,
Take a confident stroll on the desired path,
Wish you every mile a special milestone.

Its your birthday
you invited more that 50 people
when it is time
no one comes
you wonder where everyone is
where every one has gone
but you see nothing
no people,no cake,no gifts and no family
just a card that says
happy birthday

I practice my waltz
I practice my entrance
My hair is ready
My nails are done.
I begin to walk in-
my heart races
at the image of
all the unknown faces
I close my eyes and try not
to think of the one face
that won 't be present.
I fight my tears
with all my might
but i am defeated and
the tears stream
gently down my
And I notice
the whispers
and the look of
and just then
the band starts the valz
and I put on my fake smile,
I perform my beautiful dance
with such grace,
I shock myself.
when I am done,
my smile dissolves and
I subdue into a trance.
I remember nothing else
but when it was over
and I stood at the balcony,
looked at the moon and
I swore, i saw you smiling-that smile I 'll never forget. smile, tears, practice, grace, myself, shock, beautiful, starts, perform, dissolves, dance, subdue, swore, smilingthat, never, forget, looked, balcony, trance, remember

As a little girl I wondered off alone
Needing someone
I went searching through the world
Just to find a tiny baby girl
Laying on her bed
Born on Febuary 3, 1997
Ive watched you entered seventh
Me turning fifteen
And you becoming thirteen
Make me think about all those times we spent together
Memories making me cry knowing it would last forever

One daylight, I rise to laughter and cheer
With all these gifts and decorations here
I blissfully frolic through twelve times two
In harmony, I regard the window all blue
I don 't acknowledge the warm radiant sky
Then, I discount the winds and leaves soaring by
Next, I neglect the descending, chill, ice
Alas, I notice; flowers glimmer quite nice
Then arrives that same sparkling day
Even more courtesy, and colors convey
When all these goodies swiftly cruise by
In harmony, I notice, I proceed to die these, notice, harmony, glimmer, quite, flowers, chill, neglect, descending, arrives, sparkling, swiftly, cruise, proceed, goodies, convey, courtesy, colors, soaring, winds

I first learned to smile
because you shared your happiness
I first learned to listen
because you taught humble patience
I first learned to love
because you always loved me
I first learned to be a friend
because you were one to me.

When all seems to be over and gone
Emotions once strong passed away
Standing strong, again she had won
Her new role in life to play
Numbers are all in a modern life
Without those, who would we be
Money and beauty always at strife
All needed for us to be free
New people, a love or two
She now grown older and wise
Life has changed, dreams came true
Some deep plans taken by surprise
In the coming of new days through time
Always remember to be true
While getting over stages dark and sublime
You grew up to be the miracle that is you

Once in a blue moon comes a rarity in life,
one in which may never have been found...
Through littered roads and windy turns
we constructed a friendship; never destroyed.
You 're silvershoes, wits and loving soul,
(just to name a few of your precious gifts)
portray you, like the beautiful woman you are.
Jane, with everyday comes a new adventure,
with every smile comes new prosperity,
and through everything you do,
I wish nothing but the best.
Happy Birthday to a wonderful friend,
may all your days be merry and bright. comes, never, smile, prosperity, every, everyday, woman, through, adventure, nothing, friend, merry, bright, wonderful, Birthday, beautiful, Happy, everything, gifts, littered

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