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Wishing you only the best on your special day.

Happy belated birthday!!

Завтра день рождения, birthday,
У моей сестренки.
Это юбилей серьезный-
Будет пять Аленке.
И, конечно, я хотел
Чтобы был полезен
Для любых девчачьих дел
Мой подарок, present.
Чтобы дождь не промочил,
Чтоб не заболела,
Я сестренке подарю
Новый зонт, umbrella.
Подарю ей мячик, ball,
Чтобы с ним играла.
И большую куклу, doll,
Чтобы с ней гуляла.
Да, пять лет –
Солидный возраст.
С Днем Рождения,
Happy Birthday!

Thanks for catching me whenever I stumbled, thanks for giving me the confidence to walk again, but more than that, thank you for never letting me go away from your sight. Love you so much sweety. Happy Birthday.

You are the one, who made my childhood special. And although the times have gone, the sweet memories shall never fade. May you have a great life ahead. Wish you a very happy and warm birthday. Love you brother.

On this birthday I hope you have a young life with a beautiful wife. Kids in tonnes and eager to eat buns. Happy Birthday.

Hope your birthday blossoms into lots of dreams come true.

The soul is born old but grows young. That is the comedy of life. And the body is born young and grows old. That is life’s tragedy. (Oscar Wilde)

Happy birthday! Be healthy and wealthy!

All would live long, but none would be old. (Benjamin Franklin)

Happy birthday! I wish you happiness!

Wishing you many more good and prosperous years.

Her fingers, her touch
So soft on your skin
Her voice is heard
As her life begins.
so small,
Her eyes so blue
She smiles at you,
The bond so true.
Hold her tight,
Dont let her go,
You will always be there,
So let it show..

As you sail into another year of your life,
I hope your journey through it, is smooth and joyous...
And may all your plans find their way to success.
Happy Birthday!

Here s wishing that your Birthday
Is just as special as you
A day packed full of happiness

Happy birthday! I do hope all your dreams will come true!

Happy birthday! Have an enjoyable holiday!

Happy birthday! Health and wealth!

Many happy returns of the day!

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